RV Maintenance –

Elite RV & Car Care are experts in their field of RV repair and maintenance. Purchasing an RV is a big investment in recreational fun. It is very important to maintain your investment with regular checkups and fluid changes. 

What are some of the regular maintenance items to consider with your new RV purchase? First of all, many RV’s are used seasonally. This means that you should be having both a spring and summer inspection and service. These service intervals will make sure you are keeping your investment in great condition for your travel plans. It is important to change all fluids regularly including engine oil, transmission, differentials, cooling systems, brake systems and all hoses and belts. It can be costly to have an RV towed or have to perform emergency repairs during your planned travel time.

Many RV’s require special oil and fluids to the size and type of use. It is imperative to get your RV serviced regularly. 

Our center has a full inventory of oils and parts on site to maintain your RV. You also want to make sure that you are having regular tire rotations and tire inspections. RV’s can sit for prolonged periods of time which can cause tire cracking and weathering. This is not only un-safe but can lead to costly emergency service. Don’t get caught off guard on your vacation with a flat or a tire blow out.

Our service center also includes maintenance for RV’s, 5th wheels, travel trailers, and boat trailers.

Examples of types of RV service we offer includes but is not limited to:

•    Propane Refills
•    Storage Options
•    Tire Replacement & Rotations
•    Wheel Alignments
•    Engine Diagnostics
•    Tune Ups
•    Brake and Park Brake Repair
•    State Trip Inspections
•    Steering Repairs
•    Front Suspension Repairs
•    Leveling Jack Maintenance & Repair
•    Drive Train Inspections & Repair
•    Air Conditioning Service
•    Cooling & Fluid Flushes
•    Oil Changes
•    Brake Service