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What is a Car Recall?

Did you receive a recall notice in the mail letting you know that your vehicle has an issue of one kind or another and that you need to get a certain part replaced? These notices come from auto manufacturers – who are required to send out letters to customers affected by a recall. A recall occurs whenever a auto maker, or the NHTSA, determines that a car model(s) has one or more safety-related defects. Whenever you receive such notices, it’s important to contact an authorized dealer since they contract directly with the auto maker. While these repairs or replacements are a time-suck for consumers, they will be done free of charge and could potentially save your life so it’s worth paying close attention to. Be sure to bring your recall notice with you to an authorized dealer to avoid confusion and miscommunication. If you ever have any questions about auto recalls or the contents of your recall letter, feel free to contact a staff member at Elite RV & Car Care and we’d be happy to assist you further.

And now, the Top 10 Automotive Recalls in U.S. History

10. In 1972, Ford recalled 4.07 million automobiles for defective seat belts.
9. In 2009, 4.44 million Toyota cars were recalled for pedal entrapment – aka unintended acceleration.
8. In 2009, Ford recalled 4.5 million cars for a faulty cruise control deactivation switch.
7. In 2005, Ford – noticing a pattern yet with Fords? – recalled 4.5 million cars for a faulty cruise control deactivation switch.
6. In 2014, 5.4 million Honda cars were recalled for faulty Takata airbags – Takata airbags were used by more manufacturers than just Honda, but Honda was by far the most affected.
5. In 1981, GM recalled 5.82 million cars for defective control arms.
4. In 2014, GM recalled 5.87 million cars for an ignition switch defect.
3. In 1971, GM recalled 6.7 million cars for defective engine mounts.
2. In 1996, Ford recalled 7.9 million cars for a defective ignition.
1. In 1981, Ford recalled 21 million cars for rolling away.

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