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At Elite RV & Car Care, we are experts in the field of RV repair and maintenance in Harris County. Our top-rated service professionals understand that purchasing an RV is a significant investment in recreational fun. We want to put you in a position to properly maintain your investment over the long run, with regular checkups and fluid changes. So when it comes to RV maintenance, service and repair, trust Elite. We’ll take good care of you, and your ride.


Maintenance Issues That All RV Owners Need to Consider

If you’re an RV owner in Humble, Atascocita, Kingwood or elsewhere in Harris County, particularly if you are a new RV owner, you need to have a basic understanding of some of the unique upkeep and maintenance items that come with an RV purchase.


Seasonal Inspections

The first thing that needs to be considered is that many people use their RV’s seasonally. If this applies to you, it means that you should be having both a spring and summer inspection and service. These service intervals will make sure you are keeping your investment in great condition for your travel plans. If you have not used your RV in several months, you do not want to plan a lengthy trip without first getting it inspected. Motor vehicles that sit for long periods of time can sometimes develop unexpected problems.


Specialized Lubes, Oils, and Fluids

Simply due to their large size, RVs are often under more stress than are standard sized vehicles. You need to take action to relieve this stress so that you spare your RV from avoidable wear and tear. Specifically, this means that it is important to change all fluids regularly including engine oil, transmission, differentials, cooling systems, brake systems and all hoses and belts. This dramatically reduces your chances of having a major problem on the highway. It can be costly to have an RV towed or have to perform emergency repairs during your planned travel time.

Further, many RV’s require special oil and fluids to the size and type of use. As such, is imperative that get your RV serviced regularly and at an auto shop that is qualified to perform RV maintenance. RVs are different than standard automobiles, and you need to work with a professional that has relevant experience servicing and repairing RVs. At Elite RV & Car Care, our service center also includes maintenance for RV’s, 5th wheels, travel trailers, and boat trailers.


Tires & Wheels

Think about just how much pressure is put on your RV’s tires. There can be no doubt that these tires go through a lot. This makes it extremely important to have your RV undergo regular tire rotations and tire inspections. Beyond the size of RVs, these vehicles also often sit for prolonged periods of time, which can cause tire cracking and weathering. This is not only unsafe but can lead to costly, dangerous emergency service. Do not get caught off guard on your vacation with a flat or a tire blow out. Get your RV tires inspected and serviced before you hit the open road for long trip.


Interior Inspection

The primary purpose of owning an RV is to give you some living space while you travel in Texas and around the United States. If the interior components of your RV are in bad shape, you experience is sure to be a frustrating disappointment. Our RV maintenance team can help you deal with all issues related to the interior of your RV, from your water system to your refrigeration. We are here to help.


RV Services Offered By Elite RV & Car Care

Our auto shop specializes in RV maintenance and repairs. We have full service technicians who have the skills and experience required to inspect your RV, conduct routine maintenance and complete very complex repairs. If you are about to get your RV back on the road in Southeast Texas, you can trust our team to get your RV running to its peak performance.

To schedule your RV maintenance or repair appointment, please call us today at (281) 812-3085 or complete our short online contact form. We look forward to helping you!



Air Conditioning Service Oil Changes
Battery Replacement Propane Refills
Belts & Hoses State Trip Inspections
Brake Service & Repair Steering Repairs
Coolant & Fluid Flushes Suspension Repair & Maintenance
Drive Train Inspections & Repair Tire Replacement & Rotations
Engine Diagnostics Tune Ups
Leaky Faucets Wheel Alignments
Leveling Jack Maintenance & Repair Wheel Bearings Maintenance


At Elite RV & Car Care, we are proud to offer high quality maintenance and repair services to RV owners in Humble, Atascocita, Kingwood, North Houston and  surrounding communities throughout Harris County including The Woodlands. No matter your needs, we can help. Our auto repair shop is unique in that we regularly service RVs and travel trailers. Our technicians have a deep understanding of how to work with these complex vehicles and provide quality work whether you need a tire repaired, roof resealed, or engine work done before your next trip.

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  • We are a friendly and professional group of people
  • We handle a wide range of car services
  • Same day service for most repairs and maintenance
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  • Do you work on Class A Motorhomes?

    Yes. Our skilled RV service and repair technicians have experience working on all makes and models of recreational vehicles. No matter what kind of RV you own, bring it in for high quality service and repair.

  • What brands of RVs do you specialize in?

    There are dozens of RV manufacturers and most of them build their RVs in similar ways, which makes repairing them fairly straight forward. So whether you own a Forest River, Coachmen, Monaco or Winnebago, our experienced RV service and repair technicians can repair them all.

  • How often should I have my RV's brakes inspected?

    At least annually, but probably more often depending on things like driver wear and tear, mileage, how often you drive, and the amount of moisture in your area. If you live in a damp area, you’ll want to have your brake system inspected on a regular basis.

  • How do I keep track of routine?

    Our full-service technicians keep detailed maintenance records for you! Bring in your RV and we’ll do the work and record keeping for you.

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