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Your suspension system plays an integral role in how well your vehicle handles and drives on the road. Occasionally people in Humble and surrounding areas will hit a pothole and quickly realize that their shock or another suspension component has sustained major damage. If you hear creaking or popping sounds when making a corner, or if you feel a rattle or knock near the wheel well when going over bumps, you likely have a suspension problem.

Suspensions are not built to last forever. Over time, suspension components like bushings, tie-rod ends and ball joints simply wear out and require replacement. If left unchecked, they will negatively affect the performance, handling, and safety of your vehicle.

Our Elite Car Care auto repair technicians are here to help. To schedule a service appointment to repair your vehicle’s suspension, shocks, struts, or springs, give us a call today at (281) 812-3085 or email us through our website. We look forward to helping you enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride again.



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Here at Elite Car Care, our experienced suspension service and repair technicians proudly serve vehicle owners in Humble, Atascocita, and Kingwood, Texas. We work on both foreign and domestic vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Bring your car in today for an inspection and quote.

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  • What are the symptoms of a worn suspension?

    If the nose of your vehicle dives when you apply the brakes, or if your vehicle sways or makes creaking sounds when turning, or if you notice fluid leaking out of the shock or strut body then you most likely need a suspension repair.

  • Why didn't my suspension last longer?

    Driving through or running into obstacles such as potholes or curbs is one of the most common reasons people (with newer cars even) experience suspension problems sooner than expected. Taking your vehicle off-road will also strain your suspension, reducing the life of different components.

  • What suspension part wears typically wears out the fastest?

    The shock absorber portion of the strut is the most commonly serviced part of the strut assembly.

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