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What’s that Grinding Noise in My Axle?

You are leaving your house on the way to work and as you turn on to the road you hear this deep grinding noise coming from your wheel well. You are wondering, “What is that noise? I have never heard that before? There is not much you can do at that point and you think maybe it was nothing. As you pull into the parking lot at work, you hear that dubious grinding again. Now you have to worry all day about what is wrong with your car.

What’s the Culprit?

There is no single answer to what is causing the grinding noise when you turn. But usually there are three culprits that tend to be the issue:

The CV Axle
Worn out brake components
Your power steering fluid may be leaking

Pro tip: If you recently put bigger tires on your ride, you might notice your tire rubbing against part of your wheel well. Happens all the time when people swap out stock tires for bigger tires, so rule that out before diagnosing more complex issues.

Differentiating the Grinding Noises and Diagnosing your Issue

If the issue is the CV Axle being worn out, the grinding noise will be deep and happen at low speeds usually as you are turning or stopping. The reason for this is the axle component is broken down and not articulating properly and stiffening the axle.

Old worn out brake pads make a little different noise.  As you apply pressure to your brake pad you will hear a grinding noise. This happens when the brake pad material is completely worn out and the backing plate is making contact with brake rotor. If left unattended, the grinding noise can be severe and you’ll be getting all kinds of weird looks from pedestrians and passerbys. 

When your steering wheel fluid is leaking, the noise your car makes is more of a moaning/grinding sound. This noise is caused by air bubbles moving through the steering wheel system.

What Do I Do Now?

This issue can not be ignored and you should take your vehicle in for a professional inspection and service. The automotive professionals at Elite and RV Care can get you straightened out and get you on the road again in no time. Contact us today or give us a call at (281) 812-3085. We are friendly, professional and always offer fair prices.

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