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    Auto Repair 101: Preventing Carbon Monoxide Exposure

    In our day and age, automobile exhaust is cleaner than it has ever been. However, the most dangerous component of car exhaust – carbon monoxide – remains a serious threat to people everywhere especially drivers, children, mechanics and pets. One of the cardinal rules of auto repair is that you never, ever start your car

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    Back to School Checklist for Your Car

    With school back in session and all that goes with that – early mornings, after school activities, shuttling kids to and from school – it’s an exciting time of year for parents, teachers and children. It’s also very busy, which means there’s less time for caring for your car. We’ve all been there at one

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    Tips on Preventing Heat-Induced Car Problems

    If you have traveled on Texas highways over the past several weeks then you may have noticed more disabled cars than usual. The hot summer temperatures in Southeast Texas have put more strain on vehicles than during other times of the year, leaving motorists disabled dangerously on the side of the road. Often times this

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    Top Rated RV Parks & Campgrounds Near Houston

    Are you looking for a quick weekend getaway in your RV or travel trailer? Great news. Texas is loaded with great RV parks and campgrounds. However, in this blog, we take some of the guesswork out of finding the best rated RV parks and campgrounds in the Houston area so you can start planning your

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    Common Vehicle Leaks People Encounter in Humble, TX

    Occasionally we’ll have a customer come to the shop wanting help with identifying a leak under their car. First off, good job bringing your car to an auto repair shop. Addressing fluid leaks early will save you a lot of trouble down the road. It’s happened to all of us at one point or another.

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