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    VanLife: A New Class of RV Buyers

    In the past, the number of class B vans with the capability of traveling off-road and handling adverse weather conditions were extremely limited. Today, that’s all changing due to rising interest in smaller, off-road worthy camper vans that are equipped for one thing – adventure. While limited in size and comfort compared to class A

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    5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

    Happy New Year! It’s a new year, it’s a new you, and now’s the perfect time to resolve to take better care of your car. Did you know that the average American drives 25 miles and spends one hour in their car each day? That’s more time than the average person probably wants to spend

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    Intake, Exhaust & Tuner Installation in a 2005 F-150

    There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to decide how long he’s going to drive his truck. For me, that time came right around the 100k mile mark when I knew I was going to have to give my ’05 F-150 5.4L 3V its 100k mile service and inspection rundown. I

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    5 Driving Lessons I have Learned in My Life

    It is predicted that this Thanksgiving will be the busiest year of travel in history. As you go about running your errands, shopping and embark on other travels, I’d like to recommend the following 5 driving tips. #1 Speeding isn’t worth it. In most cases, speeding will only save you a few minutes. The problem

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    Blown Semi Tire Believed to be the Cause of Fatal Semi Truck Greyhound Bus Accident

    Just recently, a tragic auto accident in New Mexico claimed the lives of 8 people due to a blown tire of a semi-truck, which caused the 18 wheeler to veer into oncoming traffic and collide with a Greyhound bus. New Mexico State Police indicated that the semi-truck was traveling east on Interstate 40 Thursday afternoon

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