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Blown Semi Tire Believed to be the Cause of Fatal Semi Truck Greyhound Bus Accident

Just recently, a tragic auto accident in New Mexico claimed the lives of 8 people due to a blown tire of a semi-truck, which caused the 18 wheeler to veer into oncoming traffic and collide with a Greyhound bus.

New Mexico State Police indicated that the semi-truck was traveling east on Interstate 40 Thursday afternoon when one of its front tires blew, sending the big rig across the median and into oncoming traffic, where it struck the Greyhound bus traveling west toward Phoenix. The investigation is ongoing by the National Transportation Safety Board and New Mexico State Police.

Auto accidents involving blown tires are often tragic for those involved. We urge all drivers everywhere to routinely check your vehicle’s tire tread and sidewalls for your safety and for the safety of others. Tires with cracks, cuts or bulges in the sidewall should be replaced as soon as possible. Uneven tread wear often indicates a wheel-alignment problem or suspension issue, and means your tire should be closely monitored or replaced, if necessary, to prevent premature wear.

If you have any questions regarding the overall health of your vehicles tires, please stop by our auto repair shop on Atascocita road and let one of our experienced mechanics do an inspection.


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