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Car Care Tips: The Importance of Regular of Air Filter Replacement

Preventative maintenance is the key to making sure that your vehicle runs well and lasts as long as possible. One thing that all Texas motorists should do: Get your air filter replaced on a regular basis. Far too many people overlook this important piece of car care advice. As time passes, your air filter will continually suck up dirt and grime. Left untreated, this will reduce your vehicle’s performance and it could eventually cause a major problem. At Elite RV & Car Care, our Humble, TX automotive professionals have extensive experience handling lube, oil, & filter changes. Here, we explain why it is so important to get your air filter replaced on a regular basis.

Three Things That Could Happen If You Do Not Change Your Air Filter

1. You Could Damage Your Component Parts

If your air filter is clogged or blocked, it means that the clean air flow to your engine will be restricted, perhaps significantly so. This will make it much more difficult to get clean air to your engine. Even more concerning, it is possible that particles will end up getting pushed through the filter. When this happens, there is a risk of damage to sensitive component parts. A little bit of maintenance now has the potential to spare you large repair bills in the future.

2.  You Will Reduce Your Fuel Efficiency

Beyond causing unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle’s engine, an old air filter will likely reduce your car’s overall fuel efficiency. This takes money directly out of your pocket. This is one of the main reasons why changing an air filter can actually save Texas drivers some money. Those extra fuel costs can really add up over time.

3.  You Could Experience a Loss of Power When Accelerating

Finally, a bad air filter usually leads to poor automotive performance. You are most likely to notice this when attempting to accelerate your vehicle rapidly. Reduced air flow to the engine makes it impossible for your car to have quite the same ‘pick up’ as it would have under ideal conditions. Changing your air filter can fix this problem.

How Often Should My Car’s Air Filter Be Replaced?

The life of a vehicle’s air filter can vary quite a bit. In fact, the lifespan of an air filter depends on the driver, the car in question, and even the road conditions. Though, as a general rule, you should be sure to replace your air filter once every 15,000-25,000 miles. Of course, all drivers are strongly encouraged to consult the owner’s manual of their specific vehicle. The manufacturer’s guidance will provide the best answer to this question.  

Schedule Your Car Care Appointment Today

At Elite RV & Car Care, we are here for all of your car care maintenance needs. If you need an air filter replacement, please do not hesitate to contact our auto mechanics today for an appointment. From our location in Humble, TX, we are proud to serve drivers throughout Harris County, including in Atascocita, Harmaston, and Kingwood.

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