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Four Signs You Need Brake Service or Repair

According to the New York Times, the average car sold in the United States weighs just over 4,000 pounds. When you are maneuvering that much force, you need reliable brakes. Far too many motorists put their vehicle (and themselves) in harm’s way by relying on old, worn-out brakes.

Here, at Elite RV & Car Care, we have an expert understanding of brakes. Our team of Humble, TX brake service and repair technicians is committed to providing vehicle owners with fast, efficient and fairly priced brake maintenance. To help you identify when it is time to bring your car into the shop, we have put together a list of our top four signs that you need brake service.

You’re Having to Press on Brake Harder to Come to a Stop

Are you finding that you have to apply increasingly more pressure to your brake pedal to get your car to stop? This is a telltale sign that you need immediate brake service. If your pedal is hitting the floor, or even coming close, it is time to get your car in for maintenance. You might have a problem with brake fluid, or your master cylinder may be defective. Regardless, our brake service team can get you fixed up.

Your Car Pulls When You Hit the Brakes

When you step on the brake pedal, it should not impact the direction of your vehicle. If you hit the brakes in your vehicle, and find that your car wants to pull somewhat to the left or somewhat to the right, it likely means that your brake pads are worn out in an uneven manner. Though, it could also mean that you have an issue with a brake cylinder. Either way, it is time for brake maintenance.

You Hearing Grinding or Squeaking

Your brakes should not be making noise. If you hear any unpleasant grinding or squeaking, please get your car into an auto shop as soon as possible. Most often, this means that your brake pads are severely worn out. Not only are worn brake pads extremely dangerous, but you risk causing substantial damage to your car. Inexpensive maintenance now can save you a costly repair later.

Your ABS Light Came On

Finally, if your anti-lock brake system (ABS) light has come on, you need to get this problem checked out. We all know that it is tempting to just ignore a car’s warning lights, but you cannot take that type of risk. Get your vehicle to our mechanics and we will figure exactly what is going on with your car. You will be back out on the road in no time.

Why Choose Our Humble, Texas Auto Repair Shop?

At Elite RV & Car Care, our skilled auto technicians have extensive experience handling all types of brake issues. We are friendly, professional and always offer fair prices. To request your brake service or brake repair appointment, please do not hesitate to call us at (281) 812-3085 or to contact us directly online.

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