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Your Guide to Your Vehicle’s Exhaust System

An automotive exhaust system serves several different purposes. To preserve the long-term viability of your vehicle, it’s important that you keep the exhaust system and muffler in proper working condition. At Elite RV & Car Care, our Humble, TX auto mechanics have considerable experience inspecting and repairing a wide range of exhaust system and muffler issues. If your exhaust system has a problem, our team will get it fixed the right way – the first time.

What is the Purpose of an Exhaust System?

An exhaust system is made up of a collection of pipes and chambers, extending from the engine to the tail of the vehicle. The vast majority of modern cars have a single exhaust system, though certain vehicles with eight-cylinder engines may have a dual exhaust system. The exhaust system serves three critically important functions:

1.  It directs fumes away from the engine, out to the rear of the automobile
2.  It reduces the level of toxic chemicals and harmful substances being released
3.  It reduces the amount of noise being emitted from the engine

If something has gone wrong with your exhaust system, it needs to be repaired immediately. It may no longer be serving one, or all, of its core functions. Left unrepaired, you put your health in jeopardy and your vehicle could sustain serious damage.

Six Important Components of Your Exhaust System

When most people think of an automotive exhaust system, they tend to picture a tail pipe sticking out of the rear corner of the vehicle. While this is no doubt an important part of your exhaust system, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Most of the important parts are unseen from the outside of the vehicle. With some variation, exhaust systems tend to have six main component parts:

1.  The manifold
2.  Oxygen sensors
3.  Catalytic converter
4.  Diesel filters
5.  Pipe
6.  The muffler

You could potentially have a problem with any one of these component parts. Whatever the problem, it needs to be fixed. When an exhaust-related issue does arise, car owners will usually be able to save themselves money and headaches by taking quick action. This is because automotive problems that are allowed to linger tend to cause spreading damage.

Most Common Car Exhaust Problems

In most cases, exhaust systems are damaged because of general ‘wear and tear’. Occasionally a rattle sound will tip you off that something has worn out and needs to be looked into. Unchecked wear and tear can result in your exhaust system being far less effective. This means a noisier car, reduced fuel efficiency, and potentially, dangerous chemical and toxic fumes being released into your car’s cab and/or the environment. A regular inspection of your exhaust system is highly recommended.

Contact Our Skilled Auto Mechanics Today

At Elite RV & Car Care, our technicians have extensive experience handling issues related to mufflers and exhaust systems. To set up an appointment with our top-rated auto repair team, please contact us today at (281) 812-3085. From our auto shop in Humble, TX, we serve vehicle owners throughout the region, including in Atascocita and Kingwood.

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