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How to Tell if Your Vehicle has Water Damage

It’s been a year and a half since Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast. During this time, we saw the devastating effects of floods, including water damage to buildings, homes and countless vehicles. At Elite RV & Car Care, we saw first hand how exposure to deep water and floods causes significant damage to cars, trucks, trailers and RVs. We serviced many of these vehicles by troubleshooting issues, identifying solutions and completing necessary repairs.

There are still many vehicles out there that have water damage and it’s not just from Harvey. Saltwater takes a toll on vehicles and we all know someone who has left their window down during a passing rain storm. So, it’s important to know that all motor vehicles do come in contact with water at one point or another, and how to recognize signs of water damage.

5 Ways to Detect Water Damage in Your Vehicle

1.  Smell often gives it away. When carpet or padding develops mold, you can often smell mildew or another damp, stale odor.

2.  Water or condensation buildup inside exterior lights is a possible indication. This doesn’t always mean the vehicle has sustained water damage. For example, a minor fender bender can crack a headlight causing condensation to appear on the inside, so bear that in mind.

3.  Inspecting the undercarriage of the vehicle for corroded brake lines and checking shocks, struts and springs for signs of corrosion is another good indicator of flood related damage.

4.  Check under the carpets, in the seat tracks, and down around the door hinges for signs of silt or mud.

5.  Check for a salvaged or “flood title” when purchasing a car, but don’t rely on this alone. Be sure to take a close look around the vehicle’s interior and exterior for other signs of flood or water damage.

Sometimes, vehicles that have been damaged by water can be hard to spot, but knowing these signs and symptoms will help you detect the issues early and help save you costly repairs down the road. If your car has been giving you issues and you think it might be the result of flood or water damage, please feel free to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop and let one of our experienced technicians do a comprehensive inspection.

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