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Hurricane Car Care

With hurricane season coming at full force, it is important to know the ins and outs of car safety after flooding. Hundreds of thousands of Texas residents are at risk of losing their vehicle due to submerging of flood water. Education on how to approach the use of your vehicle and how to drive in a tropical storm will come in handy with Hurricane Harvey and it’s aftermath.

Water Damage to Your Vehicle

If your vehicle is currently submerged in water or has been flooded by the storm, it is encouraged to not start your car. The water can cause permanent damage to your engine, so survey the damage before taking action. Salt water is more damaging than fresh water, therefore you may see corrosion and your vehicle may need fluid and lube draining. You will have to act quickly to avoid permanent damage, but if water is too high, it is best to wait for water levels to go down in order to drive to higher ground.

If flood water has made it into the interior of your vehicle, it is best to soak up excess water and remove seats and floor mats, if possible, and set up fans to help dry. Unfortunately, interior and exterior car damage is not cheap to fix. It is helpful to reach out to your insurance company and learn how they are able to help.

Driving Safety

Hurricanes are difficult to avoid, it is best to prepare to the best of your ability. When a storm is on it’s way it is important to find higher ground. Stay in your car and try to find shelter in a parking garage or overpass. It is advised to avoid driving through the water because it can ruin your engine and your vehicle can get stuck. Stay aware of your surroundings in order to avoid larger trailers, trucks or buses.

Driving in heavy rain can be extremely dangerous; your vision is compromised and high winds can effect your driving. Keeping extra distance between yourself and other vehicles can reduce your chance of an accident. Avoid hitting pools of water or driving too fast. If flood water is strong enough it can carry a vehicle and result in hitting trees, other vehicles, homes, etc. Driving safely in a storm can save your life and others around you, it is best to always be alert when behind the wheel. Elite RV and Car Care is here to answer any vehicle questions you may have. Call us today to schedule an appointment, (281) 812-3085

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