Keeping Mice and Other Rodents Out of Your RV

Today we’re talking about mice. When RVs are stored, it’s common for mice to make their way into the inside of the RV or trailer. Mice and squirrels are known to gnaw and chew through vehicle wiring, plastic and rubber lines. In some cases, they can cause extensive damage to your RV if preventative measures aren’t taken. Here are some helpful tips that might help you keep these pesky rodents out of your ride.

Seal Off and Plug Possible Entry Points

The first step you should take in protecting your RV against rodents is sealing off and plugging possible entry points. Mice, if not full on your food, can fit into tiny spaces roughly the size of a #8 pencil! That’s about the size of a dime. This is due to their collapsible spines.

If rodents can easily access your RV then you’ll be playing catchup forever, so start by inspecting the underside of your RV for cracks or holes that mice can make their way through. Fill these gaps and holes by using silicone or expanding foam. Bit of advice – if you aren’t experienced using expanding foam, then practice on something other than your RV first. You’ll be surprised how much the foam will expand and many folks who aren’t accustomed to it will overfill and end up with way too much excess foam that they’ll have to cut off and waste.

Check drawers and cabinet doors inside your RV, looking in corners and crevices where wiring or pipes enter the RV. If you find gaps or holes, fill them in with silicone or expanding foam. These preventative steps are especially important if you are storing your RV for an extended period of time.

Keep Your RV Clean

Mice and other rodents are attracted to food, so keeping the inside of your RV clean and crumb free is a great way to prevent them from coming in in search for food.

Try Moth Balls, Dryer Sheets, Essential Oils or Mouse Traps

Using moth balls (if the smell doesn’t bother you) or dryer sheets (much more pleasant odor) in compartments that you think could be prone to mice coming through can help deter them. Essential oils can also be effective in keeping mice and other rodents away. Peppermint oil is a great one to try, and if you combine a couple teaspoons with a cup of water, and a few small drops of dish soap to help the ingredients blend together, you can have good success with a concoction like that.  Spray the solution any place that you think you might have mice. Of course, using conventional mice traps work well too. Baiting them with a small amount of cheese or peanut butter is an effective way to catch and eliminate problem mice.

Hopefully you find success using these preventative measures to keep mice and other rodents out of your RV or travel trailer. Happy RVing!

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