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Road tripping from Humble, TX to Miami, FL

Road trips are as much apart of American culture as baseball and apple pie. Every year millions of Americans hit the road for vacations in their RVs that take them to various parts of the United States. The great thing about living in the Humble, TX area is that many of the United States interstates come right through and connect Houston to cities in the east and the west.

One of the most popular road trip destinations in the US is Miami, Florida. If you are curious about how far Houston is to Miami, it is a 1,100 mile road trip that takes you on Interstate 10 along the Gulf Coast then down the Florida Peninsula on I-75 to Miami. If you are wanting to go straight there it will take you approximately 17 hours. But what is the fun in that? There is much more to see and do between Houston and Miami that are off the beaten path.

5 Places to See on Your Way To Miami

1. The Tabasco Factory. Located in Avery Island, Louisiana is a must stop for any hot sauce connoisseur or any food connoisseur for that matter. Tabasco offers many types of tours at its factory that offer a view into how the world-famous sauce is created. 

2. Being a captain of an RV is one thing, but being the captain of a sea vessel is a whole other ball game. Biloxi, Mississippi is home to the Maritime and Seafood Museum. The museum preserves the heritage of the fishing and maritime industry located in Biloxi. This unique place offers a intriguing history of the area. 

3. Destin, Florida offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the USA. The white sand offers a relaxing respite from a long drive. Relax and take a dip! 

4. The St. Johns River is the longest river in Florida and is one of the only major rivers in the entire world that flows north. The St. Johns River is a magnet for wildlife and offers an amazing opportunity to see nature in the shadow of Disney World. There are numerous boat tours that operate in the area that can get you up close and personal with alligators, numerous bird species and offer insight on how Native Americans lived in this swampy terrain before Europeans arrived. 

5. In Palm Beach there is an estate that has been dubbed more grand than any palace in Europe. The Flagler Museum showcases the large Gilded Era estate of Henry Flagler. This beautiful estate that will make you just say wow!

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