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Six Most Common Types of Automotive Leaks

It is something that many of us have experienced at some point in our lives: You walk up to start your car, only to notice that a big puddle of fluid has formed underneath it. How frustrating and annoying.

Automotive leaks are often serious and they always require immediate attention. You need to figure out exactly what is going on with your car. Of course, it can be difficult to determine the precise problem. To help you diagnose the source of the leak, our skilled Humble, TX auto mechanics have put together this guide for identifying car leaks.

The Six Most Common Types of Automotive Leaks


Oil leaks are relatively common. Newer oil will usually look yellowish-brown in color, whereas older engine oil will look dark brown. This type of leak can come from several different sources, and can indicate a variety of different underlying problems. These problems all have one thing in common though: They require immediate attention from a professional mechanic.


Gas leaks are fairly easy to identify just based on smell. If your garage or the area around your vehicle smells like gas, you likely have a gas leak. If you find a puddle of gas at the front of your car, it usually means you have a problem with your fuel pump. If the puddle of gas is near the rear of your car, your gas tank is likely the source of the leak.


Antifreeze leaks are also relatively common. Usually this type of fluid is green, though it can sometimes vary in color. This leak needs to be repaired quickly. If you fail to do so, your car could overheat and this could cause major damage to your engine.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is typically yellow and of medium thickness. While brake fluid leaks are rare in modern cars, they do still sometimes happen. You may find this type of fluid near your tires or under your pedals. If your car is leaking brake fluid, it is too dangerous to drive.

Transmission Fluid

If you find a light red or dark reddish-brown leak under your car, you are likely looking at transmission fluid. This fluid is thick, resembling oil. A transmission fluid leak requires immediate attention. If you fail to take action, you could soon blow out your transmission. Avoid this expensive repair by getting your transmission fluid leak fixed.


Finally, that leak that you are seeing under your car might just be water. Water build up from condensation can sometimes look like a leak, particularly if you have been running your air conditioning system hard on a hot Texas day.  

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