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Tell Tale Signs Your Automatic Transmission is Going Bad

At Elite RV & Car Care, our top-rated auto mechanics can help you troubleshoot and service your transmission. When you bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop, our team will conduct a comprehensive vehicle inspection, so that we can figure out exactly what is wrong with your transmission. Then, we will get your car fixed – the right way.

The best way to protect your transmission is to get it inspected at the first sign that something is “off”. Simply put, the quicker you find a problem, the easier (and less expensive) it will be to repair. Here, our auto technicians list four of the most common warning signs that suggest that something is seriously wrong with your automatic transmission.

A Warning Light Just Came On

Your car’s warning lights should always be taken seriously. When working properly, warning lights will come on at the very first sign of a problem. This is a great time to bring your vehicle in for an inspection to see what exactly is going on. If a warning light came on indicating that your transmission fluid is running hot, you need to bring your car in for an inspection by a qualified mechanic.

Your Transmission Fluid is Leaking

Your car needs transmission fluid to be able to run properly. Leaking fluid is always the sign of a problem. Of course, that does not necessarily mean that you have a catastrophic problem that will require an expensive repair, at least not yet. However, if you do not address the transmission fluid leak, you are putting your vehicle at serious risk.

Your Vehicle’s Shifting is Delayed

One of the classic signs of an automatic transmission that is going bad is delayed shifting. Most frequently, this is first noticed when the driver is shifting their vehicle from park into drive. Your gears should shift without any delay and without sputtering. If you hear or feel a problem when you try to put your vehicle in drive, bring your car in for an inspection.

Your Vehicle’s Shifting is Rough

Hard shifting is a classic symptom of a failing transmission. If this is happening with your vehicle, it may feel like your car is simply refusing to change gears. A noticeable clunk or thud when shifting means that you need to get your automatic transmission to a mechanic for an immediate inspection. While your car may still be able to drive through the rough shifting for now, you certainly do not want to risk blowing out your transmission.

Why Choose Our Humble, Texas Auto Shop?

At Elite RV & Car Care, we offer quality service, fair prices and we get the job done right – the first time. To set up an appointment to have your vehicle’s transmission inspected and/or repaired, please give us a call today at (281) 812-3085 or reach out to us through our online contact form. Let us help you get your car running the right way!

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