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What’s Wrong With My Car’s Air Conditioning System?

There are few things more frustrating than having your car’s air condition system suddenly break down. In the Texas heat, a non-functioning vehicle A/C system is more than uncomfortable; it can be downright dangerous. At Elite RV & Car Care, our Humble, TX air conditioning repair technicians have diagnosed and serviced many malfunctioning automotive A/C systems.

Air conditioning systems can break down for a wide variety of reasons. Ultimately, you will need to bring your vehicle in for an inspection to determine exactly what is wrong. That being said, there are some things you should know that we help give you some perspective on what might be wrong. Here, we offer a basic guide to help you figure out what is wrong with your car’s air conditioning system.

Three Things That Might Be Wrong With Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning

My Car is Experiencing Weak Air Flow

Weak air flow is one of the most common vehicle A/C problems. Fortunately, it is usually relatively painless to get this problem fixed. This is because weak air flow typically indicates that you have a loose hose, or broken seal or some type of problem with your ventilation system. Though, to be sure of the problem, you will need to get your car to a skilled mechanic for an examination.

My A/C is Only Blowing Warm Air

If your A/C is blowing at the normal rate, but it is only giving you warm or hot air, there could be several different underlying problems with your system. For example, you might have a refrigerant leak, which is causing the system to malfunction. Alternatively, you could also have a problem with your compressor. Without a functioning compressor, your vehicle’s A/C is not going to work properly. As your compressor might be worn out or defective, it may need to be replaced.

There is No Air Coming At All

A third relatively common vehicle air conditioning problem that we often see: an A/C system that will not blow any air at all. Somewhat ironically, in many cases, this means that there is not actually anything wrong with your car’s air conditioning system. Instead, the culprit is likely to be another part of your vehicle. Indeed, usually, this issue means that there is a problem with your car’s electrical system. It could be as simple as a blown out fuse, which can sometimes cause the A/C system to shut down entirely. This type of problem always requires immediate attention from a qualified automotive professional.


Contact Our Humble, Texas Auto Shop

At Elite RV & Car Care, we offer great vehicle air conditioning repair services at fair prices. If you are having any type of trouble with your car’s A/C, please give us a call now at (281) 812-3085 or contact us online to schedule a service appointment. We will get your air conditioning fixed the right way – and we will do it the first time.

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