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Choosing the Right Kind of Tire for Your Vehicle

Driving is a daily routine for almost 90% of Americans. It is estimated that there are 222 million licensed drivers in the United States. With that many drivers there are an estimated 1.7 billion tires in use across the nation!  Tires are an important component of your vehicle. When it comes to tires they should be purchased with some thought and foresight for the type of conditions that you may meet while you drive. Choosing which type of tire that is the best for your situation can feel like a bit of a process, but the helpful auto professionals at Elite RV & Car Care  can help you make your decision. Here are a few general guidelines that will help you narrow down which type of tires you should buy for your vehicle.

What Types of Tires are Good in the Rain?  

Wet tires are specifically designed to push water out and away from underneath the tire. In order for a wet tire to properly do its job, it requires the right tread depth, tread design and pressure. For example, directional tread design, also known as unidirectional tread, is one of the most efficient designs for water evacuation. It’s easy to spot this tread design in a tire shop if you look for the V shaped tire tread. If your tread has worn down below 4/32″, then your tires are recommended for dry roads only, and you should start looking for new tires.

Tires that are Good for Gravel Roads

If you are driving gravel roads often, tires that have larger knobs for traction are your best bet. These knobbier tires will help absorb the uneven surface and help prevent sharp rocks from penetrating through the rubber. Don’t make the mistake of taking class C tires that are rated for paved roads onto sharp rocky roads. There are a multiple tires out there that are made for off-road travel, and your auto shop professional will be able to recommend many good options here. 

Are there Fuel Efficient Rires?

Yes there are fuel efficient tires on the market that are specifically designed to reduce drag and improve your fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Most stock tires that come on new cars are fuel friendly tires. If you are driving long distances on mostly highways, then this may be the kind of tire you want. If you want to put a leveling kit on your rig and go with bigger, knobbier tires, you’ll almost certainly lose some MPGs.

What Kind of Tire is Good for Icy Conditions?

Driving in ice and snow requires you to not only adjust your driving style but you should also consider having the right kind of tires for snow and ice conditions. All-weather tires, winter tires, and studded tires will help drivers make it back home safely. If you are looking for a good cold weather or winter tire, look for deep ribs and grooves. These grooves pick up snow and create traction at the surface giving you more control. This is something to consider if you ever plan to drive up north on a road trip or vacation where there’s a possibility of encountering ice and snow on the roads.

Get the Right Tire Today

Come into Elite RV & Car Care for your tire needs. Our seasoned tire and lube professionals will help you get the perfect tire for your driving needs. Call (281) 812-3085 or contact us online for an appointment.

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