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    5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

    Happy New Year! It’s a new year, it’s a new you, and now’s the perfect time to resolve to take better care of your car. Did you know that the average American drives 25 miles and spends one hour in their car each day? That’s more time than the average person probably wants to spend

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    Choosing the Right Kind of Tire for Your Vehicle

    Driving is a daily routine for almost 90% of Americans. It is estimated that there are 222 million licensed drivers in the United States. With that many drivers there are an estimated 1.7 billion tires in use across the nation!  Tires are an important component of your vehicle. When it comes to tires they should

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    What are the Most Common Vehicle Repairs?

    Recently, IMR, Inc., one of the country’s largest automotive market research companies, released a comprehensive list of the most common vehicle repairs in the United States. At Elite RV & Car Care, our Humble, TX auto mechanics have extensive experience handling all of the vehicle repairs listed in the report. In this article, we highlight

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    Four Things to Check to Make Sure Your Vehicle is Ready for a Texas Summer

    There are few things hotter than summer in Southeast Texas. Each year, the City of Houston averages nearly 100 days in which the afternoon high temperature exceeds 90 degrees. Of course, the humidity can make it feel much hotter than that. Extreme temperatures aren’t just hard on people, they are stressful on automobiles. As a

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    Why Is Regular Car Maintenance Important?

    We believe it is important to regularly check your vehicle’s maintenance to ensure your safety as well as the longevity of your vehicle. Not all maintenance can be done yourself, there are many things you can look for as warning signs, and some prevention tips you should be aware of. Here at Elite RV &

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