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What To Prepare For Your Next RV Road Trip

Summer is coming to an end and it is time to get one more trip out of your RV before winter comes around. Elite RV & Car Care’s service center specializes in maintenance for RV’s, 5th wheels, travel trailers, and boat trailers. Our experienced technicians are here to help maintain or repair your RV before any vacation.

Synthetic Oil

You care about what you put in your body so it is just as important to care about what you put in your car. Have you debated about using synthetic oil vs. conventional oil? Synthetic oil is distilled and purified down to its basic molecules. This is done to remove impurities and provides higher levels of protect and performance. Synthetic oils are recommended for larger vehicles such as RVs. It is best to have a fluid analysis completed on any recreation vehicle so you know what oil is best for you.

Brake Check

Before any road trip it is important to get your brakes checked, no one wants an accident due to not being able to stop your vehicle. It is recommended to have your brake system inspected every six months depending on the amount of miles you travel. Modern brakes have built in warning triggers that will indicate when brakes are needing a replacement. But brake pads can wear down over time, resulting in worn down indicators. If you wait too long to replace your brakes, it may be too late. Elite RV and Car Care takes brake maintenance safety very seriously, call today for your next brake replacement.

Check Appliances

If your RV uses propane, it is important to check the tanks, connections, valves and firing operations. Surviving a trip without hot water, the fridge or the stove can be difficult! If you have a refillable propane tank it is also essential to make sure it has not expired and is refilled properly. We can professionally check your system by testing the pressure and looking for leaks. It is highly important to have your appliances working safely before any vacation.

Trust Us To Make Your Trip Safer

Taking a road trip takes a great amount of preparation. There are many other essential areas of the vehicle to be checked before a trip, such as: tire replacement and rotation, steering check, wheel alignment, air conditioning repairs and battery replacement, just to name a few. Once you check your vehicle and plan your travel route, you are good to go. Enjoy your trip and avoid any road bumps, come into Elite RV and Car Care for a full RV inspection before any trip! We are here to help, call (281) 812-3085.

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