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    Basic Upgrades to My $1200 ’96 R50 Pathfinder

    I recently drove by a random used car lot, and noticed what appeared to be a black Nissan Pathfinder parked facing the road. In big, bold letters, the windshield read $1200 and the car looked promising, so I stopped to take a closer look. As I pulled into the lot, it dawned on me that

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    5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

    Happy New Year! It’s a new year, it’s a new you, and now’s the perfect time to resolve to take better care of your car. Did you know that the average American drives 25 miles and spends one hour in their car each day? That’s more time than the average person probably wants to spend

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    Back to School Checklist for Your Car

    With school back in session and all that goes with that – early mornings, after school activities, shuttling kids to and from school – it’s an exciting time of year for parents, teachers and children. It’s also very busy, which means there’s less time for caring for your car. We’ve all been there at one

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    Tips on Preventing Heat-Induced Car Problems

    If you have traveled on Texas highways over the past several weeks then you may have noticed more disabled cars than usual. The hot summer temperatures in Southeast Texas have put more strain on vehicles than during other times of the year, leaving motorists disabled dangerously on the side of the road. Often times this

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    What is a Car Recall?

    Did you receive a recall notice in the mail letting you know that your vehicle has an issue of one kind or another and that you need to get a certain part replaced? These notices come from auto manufacturers – who are required to send out letters to customers affected by a recall. A recall

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