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    What are Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs)?

    Most car owners have a general familiarity with the concept of recalls. An auto recall happens when an auto manufacturer (or regulator) determines that a vehicle has a safety defect, and, in response, orders that an action be taken to rectify the problem. In most cases, the remedy for a recall will be a free

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    Texas Law: Tire Disposal

    Do you have used tire that you just took off of your vehicle, or old tires that have been sitting idly in your garage or on your property? If so, it is a good time to take action to clean up those useless tires. In Harris County, you cannot simply toss tires in the trash.

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    Your Guide to Your Vehicle’s Exhaust System

    An automotive exhaust system serves several different purposes. To preserve the long-term viability of your vehicle, it’s important that you keep the exhaust system and muffler in proper working condition. At Elite RV & Car Care, our Humble, TX auto mechanics have considerable experience inspecting and repairing a wide range of exhaust system and muffler

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    Why You Should Always Get a Used Car Inspected Before You Purchase It

    For many people, a used car is simply a better investment than a brand new vehicle. One of the primary reasons for this involves vehicle depreciation. According to a report from NerdWallet, a new car can lose up 30 percent of its value in the first year. By purchasing a reliable used car, you can get

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    Car Care Tips: The Importance of Regular of Air Filter Replacement

    Preventative maintenance is the key to making sure that your vehicle runs well and lasts as long as possible. One thing that all Texas motorists should do: Get your air filter replaced on a regular basis. Far too many people overlook this important piece of car care advice. As time passes, your air filter will

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